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Artwork Prices


To determine the full price of your inflatable, add the price of your inflatable to the artwork price listed below for your inflatable. The same artwork is custom painted on both sides. All artwork is hand painted by professional artists. The complexity of your artwork largely determines the cost of your advertising copy. The artwork charge is for each inflatable.


1. Just compare your artwork (copy) with the pictures shown.
2. Follow the chart below.


Model Simple
Ball Shapes
AA-73 $255.00 $355.00 $455.00
AA-83 285.00 395.00 500.00
AA-100 305.00 420.00 535.00
Hot Air Balloon Shapes
HAB-1 255.00 355.00 455.00
HAB-2 290.00 400.00 510.00
HAB-3 315.00 425.00 545.00
HAB-3M 255.00 355.00 455.00
AA-1 230.00 335.00 420.00
AA-2 235.00 350.00 450.00
AA-3 270.00 380.00 490.00
AA-6 320.00 435.00 550.00
AA-9 345.00 470.00 570.00


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HANGING SIGN(3 ft. x 50 ft. maximum)

(Performs best on models with lift of 7 lbs. or more)

$175.00 ea.
24″ Pre Cut Letters-applied to sign (Choice of many standard colors) $18.00 ea.
36″ Pre Cut Letters-applied to sign (Choice of many standard colors) $21.00 ea.
100 FOOT PENNANT STRIP(attaches to either tether line)

(with assorted color pennants)

NIGHT LIGHTING PACKAGE(with 125ft. extension cord)

(Performs best on models with lift of 9 lbs. or more)



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Most Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are custom-shaped inflatables much more expensive than stock designs?

A. Yes. As a rule of thumb, custom inflatables cost 2 to 3 times as much as a comparable size stock inflatable. Custom shapes also require a lead time of up to 4 weeks but the normal production time is 3 weeks. The normal production time for a stock inflatable is 2-3 weeks.

Q. Why does Ad Air utilize a rubberized vinyl material exclusively?

A. Rubberized vinyl greatly extends the life expectancy of Ad Air Balloons and assures the best helium retention. Ad Air has been using the same time tested balloon design for over 20 years and we also test every balloon before it is shipped.

Q. How long will and Ad Air infatable fly on one filling of helium?

A. Due to meticulous craftmanship and use of rubberized vinyl throughout, Ad Air balloons will generally fly for a full week without losing any significant amount of helium. Once everyweek or so, only a minimal topping off of 10%-15% will restore them to full capacity.

Q. What is the life expectancy of an Ad Air inflatable?

A. Many months to a few years, given proper care and attention. Careful attention to our instruction manual assures long life.

Q. Is it difficult to repair balloons?

A. No, most repairs can be made right in the field in a few minutes. A repair kit is standard equipment with each balloon. Factory repair service is available at nominal charge for any extensive damage.

Q. Where do I obtain helium?

A. Since helium is necessary for welding, it is available from industrial gas and welding supply dealers throughout the country.

See helium safety sheet HERE

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If your question is not answered in this FAQ, please feel free to E-Mail us.

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