Testimonials…Case histories that paid off!


From a Furniture Factory Outlet_________

“I could not believe the response I have had with my Ad Air  3 blimp. I have had it in the air for only three days. The traffic it has created in my store is unbelievable. In my business, as in most, the more traffic the better our sales. We have just set a new three day sales record in our slowest furniture month-February. I guarantee the blimp has more than paid for it-self”

From a Gas Station Operator_________

“We have had our Ad Air  Balloon for three years and fly it almost every day, if weather permits. Our records indicate that we pump 20% more gas on days we fly our balloon. It is great!”

From a Regional Banking Group_________

“I’m writing to let you know just how pleased we are with your product. Our two Ad Air  Blimps have more than earned their keep in on-going publicity from national, regional and local media. One of the blimps was just used in the St. Patrick’s Day parade and the response was tremendous.”

From a New Car Dealer____________

“Even though we are one of the largest Lincoln-Mercury dealers in the state, we were never able to take advantage of being located alongside of a busy interstate. The highway is elevated on an embankment where it passes us and we went unnoticed by most cars traveling right past us. Our Ad Air  Blimp has solved the problem in a spectacular way. We are now selling cars to customers who tell us they had driven past us for years without noticing us. Our blimp has paid for itself many times over in its first few months of operation.”

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From a Trade Show Exhibitor____________

“We exhibit at several trade shows each year. Our blimp gives us high visibility no matter where we are located in some of those huge exhibit halls.  It couldn’t be easier to store and transport – fits inside a small shipping container or suitcase.”

From a McDonald’s Franchisee____________

“The fast food business has become very competitive in recent years. At our three McDonalds restaurants, sales during the period prior to flying our McDonalds balloon showed a negative 9.2% below projection. During the period that the balloon was flown, we experienced a sales increase of 17.9% above projection, a 27.1% increase in sales. Essentially, our balloon paid for itself the first weekend that it was flown. I would not hesitate to recommend this concept in advertising.”

From a Realtor____________

“Through the use of our Ad Air 7 foot ball we have attracted many people to our open houses. This allows us to come in contact with many more people, thus more clients. Our balloons are visible for miles. The 7 foot balloons are easy to use. Our agents leave them inflated overnight in the garage of the house being sold and just run them up in the morning of each open house day. These Ad Air balloons impress the sellers as well as all who see them and have become a viable part of our advertising.”

From an Ad Specialty Distributor__________

“I flew a small blimp with just the word “BLIMPS” and my phone number painted on it in front of my showroom. In less than a week, I have sold four balloons and expect to have orders for two more.. Over $5000 in sales the first week and as a bonus my showroom traffic has increased  as well”

From a Supermarket Grand Opening__________

“Our customary policy for each of the dozens of stores we open each year is to advertise heavily in the newspapers and on radio. Our last opening was done
without any of our usual advertising. We only flew an Ad Air Blimp over the store and had one of our most successful openings ever. Absolutely everyone in town seem to know about our grand opening, thanks to your blimp. We shall be
purchasing four more blimps very shortly.”

From a Major Builder and Condominium Developer_____________

“We have been operating our U.S. Home blimps for year and a half and have found them to be a very successful device in attracting attention to our condominium projects.”

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